Polaroid Blank Media, Data Media Storage, Blank Media Storage

Polaroid blank media discs allow you to record hours of music, video, photo files or other media. The 15-Pack DVD+RW 4.7GB/120-minute 4x rewritable DVD discs offer the ability to erase and rewrite your data multiple times without losing video or sound quality. The 50-Pack CD-R 700MB/80-minute 52x recordable media discs can only be recorded once, making them perfect for storing information and memories without the risk of being deleted. For a more personalized look, try the 25-Pack lightscribe CD-R 700MB/80-minute 52x recordable media discs, Lightscribe media allows you to create permanent, customized labels by burning it onto the disc. Order Polaroid blank media products on our secure servers, or call us at 847-701-3022 if you have any questions.

Polaroid also offers professional grade recording VHS videotape cassettes and mini DV digital videocassettes. Whatever blank media data storage needs you may have Recordable CD, Recordable DVD, Recordable Media Discs, Recordable Digital Videocassette, Recordable Blu-Ray Discs or recordable VHS cassettes we have the blank media you are looking for at low prices.