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The Polaroid Store features an excellent variety of Instant Cameras. Our online store includes an extended range of Instant Cameras that cover recognizable classics to contemporary marvels. The Polaroid 10-Megapixel Instant Print Digital Camera Z2300B with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology is an extraordinary leap forward for Instant Cameras and combines all of the technological leaps found in a contemporarily designed Polaroid Instant Camera with the nostalgia based Instant Cameras of the past. Capable of printing fully colored 2-inch by 3-inch prints within mere moments, this camera includes a Built-in Speaker and Microphone that allows you to record 720p HD Videos. The Polaroid One Step Express 600 Instant Camera is a fully restored classic that features all of the nostalgia inducing additions found in Polaroidís classic series of Instant Cameras.

By including both contemporary and retro designed Instant Cameras, the Polaroid Store has been able to assemble a balanced collection of Instant Cameras to satisfy each and every one of your individual needs. The Polaroid Compact Instant Analog Camera is a Today Show favorite and allows you to shoot business card sized Instant Color Photos with increased precision. The Polaroid Red Stripe Camera by Impossible is a Polaroid staple and has been fully restored by Impossible to recreate the nostalgia of yesteryear in a contemporary design. This model includes a Built-in Flash with Auto-Flash feature and Built-in Sliding Close-up Lens to ensure you have access to the absolute best shots.