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Regardless of whether youíre biking, surfing, skating or performing any other extreme outdoor activity, itís important to have an easily attachable and high end Sports and Action Video Camera to document all of your athletic accomplishments. The Polaroid Store features a robust inventory of Video Cameras that allow you to capture all of these moments in pristine clarity while affording you a near limitless supply of options to explore when it comes to mounting your Video Camera. The Polaroid Cube Mini Lifestyle Action Camera is the latest innovation in a series often celebrated for its ingenious design. Measuring at only 35mm, the Polaroid Cube is lightweight, durable and incredibly portable. The addition of magnets in a rubberized body opens a wealth of filming opportunities. The Polaroid Board Mount Kit for The XS100, XS80 Action Cameras is another versatile option that can be mounted on any board like surface. Featuring a Board Mount that can rotate 360 degrees, this is a must have addition for filming all of your summertime and wintertime adventures!

You'll never miss a moment of the action with the Polaroid Storeís ever expanding library of Sports and Action Video Cameras that excel in accessibility, performance and durability. The Polaroid XS10 HD 720p Micro Waterproof Sports Action Camera showcases Polaroidís ability for releasing highly evolved technology in an exceptionally small package. Capable of catching 720p and 30 frames per second HD recording, this Action Camera is one of the smallest HD Cameras you'll ever have the joy of accompanying you on all of your adventures. The inclusion of a Snap Shot Function and Waterproof properties bolster both production quality and durability. The Polaroid Store has also released a collection of complementary accessories such as the Polaroid Handlebar Mount Kit for The XS100, XS80 Action Cameras. This is the ideal addition for mounting your Sport and Action Video Camera atop the handlebars of your bike, motorcycle, ATV and just about anything else with handles. For information on all of these products and many more, be certain to visit the Polaroid Store frequently for new entries in the exciting genre of Sports and Action Video Recording!