Polaroid Camera Cases, Camera Bags, Camera Cases & Straps

Polaroid Camera Bags and Camera Cases are an essential addition for those looking to acquire the premier in convenience. You can finally remove any lingering doubts associated with damaging your camera while traveling. Safeguard your Camera with any number of applicable options featured in our extensive catalogue of Camera Cases. The Polaroid Roadie Series Professional Hard Case was specifically designed to protect your valuable gear from a multitude of physical threats. Featuring an exterior constructed from uni-panel PVC and reinforced industrial grade aluminum, this Camera Case includes a customizable interior lined with a thick protective foam. The Polaroid Studio Series SLR / DSLR Camera Case is another extremely versatile and roomy Camera Case that protects your photographic equipment.

The Polaroid Store also features a varied selection of waterproof options that will successfully promote peace of mind while safeguarding your camera from the many damages associated with water. The Polaroid Dive-Rated Large Waterproof Camera Housing contains all of the necessary features needed to protect your camera from a series of detrimental hazards. A sealed gasket design has been included to increase overall protection against water. Unlike the "zip-lock" and "snap" housings featured in similarly constructed cases, Polaroid has incorporated a 2 piece track-lock system that combines ease of use and superior protection. The Polaroid Floating Flotation Wrist Strap (Orange) For Underwater/Waterproof Cameras, Camcorders and Housings is another excellent option that provides minimal resistance while operating your camera underwater. The inclusion of an additional safety precaution ensures absolute peace of mind. Should the strap ever accidentally come off your wrist, it will gently float to the top of the surface displaying its brightly covered pads..