Polaroid Camera Flash Attachments, Camera Flash Attachments, Flash Diffusers

The perfect flash can go a very long way in adding a significant amount of detail to any photo. When it comes to bolstering your Cameraís performance and versatility, the addition of a Flash Attachment can mean all of the difference. For a stronger and more resolute flash, the Polaroid TTL Shoe Mount Bounce Flash is a fully automatic and system-dedicated shoe mount flash that features full TTL flash support for digital SLR cameras. Polaroid Flash accessories feature an extended compatibility range that includes Canon, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic, Sony and Pentax Cameras.

For Naturally Ambient Lighting that effectively eliminates Uneven and Harsh Lighting, the Polaroid Flash Diffuser is the definitive attachment. Creating a Flash similar to the lighting effect produced by traditional, expansive and heavy powered studio ring flash units can be achieved with the Polaroid O Ring Flash Adapter. Regardless of whether youíre shopping for new flash attachments, show mounts, flash diffusers or any other camera accessory, the Polaroid Store carries all of the essentials needed to elevate your experience to the next level!