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While it can be somewhat difficult to find that perfect shot, the Polaroid Store does carry a selection of Camera Remotes that make the process much more accessible. The Polaroid Tri-Mode Wireless Camera & Flash Remote allows for expanded shooting options. Some of these features include enabling seamless Off-Camera Mounting and True 300’ Range. The inclusion of the Polaroid Shutter Release Timer Remote Control gives you all of the necessary freedoms needed to set intervals and expand upon the exposure length between shots. This feature can be instrumental in capturing a series of shots such as the varying phases of the moon or the movement of a colony of ants. For those especially tricky and somewhat difficult shots, the Polaroid Wireless Remote Controlled Shutter Release Switch is an excellent addition that prevents Camera Shake during close-ups. Regardless of your reason for acquiring a Remote, you’ll find no shortage of highly functional options to explore at the Polaroid Store.