Polaroid Camera Tripods, Camera Mounts, Camera & Video Tripods

Regardless of whether you choose to be a recreational or professional photographer/videographer, the Polaroid Store features a Tripod or Mount to make the job that much more accessible. Ideal for capturing pictures and videos from close and prolonged distances, the Polaroid Automatic Motorized Pan Head With Wireless Remote Control For SLR Cameras & Camcorders allows you to control the Tripod from a distance. For the action shot enthusiast, we’ve included the Polaroid Handlebar Action Mount With Ball Head For Digital Cameras & Camcorders that allows you to capture all of the excitement and thrills associated with racing uphill or downhill on your bicycle or motorbike.

If you’re searching to smoothen and balance away all of the jumps and jitters associated with being a handheld videographer, you’ll have no shortage of applicable options to explore within our extended selection of Tripods and Mounts. The Polaroid Stabilizing Camcorder/Camera Video Shoulder Mount features an incredibly unique Dual Braced Sprint Tension that effectively allows your shoulders and chest to evolve into a ‘tripod’. This opens up your hands and allows you to freely handle your camera’s zoom, focus and lighting controls. For the most intuitively designed and technologically superior Tripods available in today’s market, you can always count on the Polaroid Store to carry all of the essentials needed to take your filming experience to the next level.